The Rover 100 was produced from 1960 to 1962, during this period 16621 cars were built. The model replaced the Rover 90 and 105 and incorporated a number a changes inspired by the introduction of the 3 litre (P5).

The engine was a seven bearing, short stroke version of the 3 litre giving 2625cc developing 104 bhp. Servo assisted disc brakes appeared on the 100 and overdrive was a standard fitment with a 4.3 to 1 axle although the 3.9 to 1 ratio of the 90 was still available to special order. Top speed approached 100mph.

Other detail changes inspired by the 3 litre included the dished wheels to accomodate the disc brakes and the rear axle was widened to maintain the track. The wheels are a distinctive feature of the model.

The car still retained the strong chassis and coupled with rubber body mounts and generous soundproofing, the car was very smooth and silent for its day. Many enthusiasts consider the Rover 100 to be the pinnacle of P4 development.

The Rover 100

Bill Cardy's Rover 100 at the Guild National Rally in 1998

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