In 1957 the P4 range was expanded with the 105S (for synchromesh) and the 105R (for Roverdrive). The 105 cars featured twin carburettor version of the 90 engines with a higher compression ratio and in the manual form, the 105S, the car approached a 100mph capability.

The most exciting development was the Roverdrive transmission of the 105R which was a Rover designed automatic. The transmission featured a fluid flywheel and a vacuum operated plate clutch driving a two speed and reverse gearbox. A third speed was provided by an Overdrive. In normal use the car took off in high gear and the overdrive came in automatically as speed increased. Emergency low gear or reverse could be selected after pressing a button on the knob to disengage the clutch.

The 105 cars did not sell well, particularly the 105R and this was dropped for 1959. The 105S continued as the 105 for another year before being replaced by the 100 in 1960.

3500 of the automatic cars were produced and 7170 of the manual models.

The Rover 105

Dave Hannah's 105R showing the gear selector.

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