The Rover 90 was produced from 1954 to 1959, during this period 35,891 cars were built. The engine was increased in capacity from the earlier "75" and at 2638cc was the largest fitted to any P4. It developed 93 bhp giving an improved performance; the car could achieve 85 mph with the standard 4.3 to 1 axle ration and 90 mph with the optional 3.9 ratio.

In 1955 the P4 range was given a facelift; the boot line was also raised giving increased capacity. The following year the front wings were increased in height and incorporated flashing indicators. The sidelamps, which had been on the wing tops, were now built into the wings lower down. Coupled with this, a peculiar feature of the P4 was the small chrome beads which reflected the light from the sidelamps to the driver (They were not for attaching wedding ribbons - this was a mischevious rumour). These can be seen in the picture above the headlights.

In 1956 the frewheel was deleted and a Laycock-de-Normanville overdrive was introduced as an option.

The Rover 90 was the archetypal P4 and even now people tend to refer to the P4 as a Rover 90 whatever the actual model.

The Rover 90

Mr R.E.Scogings' award winning Rover 90 at the Guild National Rally in 1998.

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