The Rover 95 was introduced in 1963 alongside the 110 model and was an unplanned extension to the life of the P4 range due to the delays in introduction of the Rover 2000 (P6). It was more powerful then the Rover 80 which it replaced and the power unit was essentially the same as the Rover 100 with a few internal detail changes mainly inspired by the parallel development of the Rover 3-litre and the contemporary Rover 110. It developed 102 bhp and could reach 93 mph

To emphasise its position in the range as a cheaper car the overdrive was deleted and a 3.9 to 1 axle ratio fitted to compensate. Many present day owners have fitted an overdrive to better cope with motorway cruising.

In 1964 the doors, boot lid and bonnet were changed from alumium skins to steel; the reason is not quite clear but there had been problems with denting of aluminium doors and a benefit of the change was a higher perception of quality when the doors were closed with a satisfying clunk.

A total of 3,680 Rover 95's were produced and the last P4 of all was a 95 which left the line in May 1964.

The Rover 95

The 95 is distinguished externally from its contemporary 110 by the 100 style wheel trims and the script badges.

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