The Andrew Marvell Lodge was consecrated on 6th May 1937 at the Central Masonic Hall, Park Street, Hull. It was the initiative of Benno Pearlman who was an Alderman and past Lord Mayor of the City. He was also a prominent Freemason and during his period of office had formed the Hull Old Grammarians Lodge of which he was a former pupil and which still exists today.

He then had the idea to form a Lodge primarily for the members of Local Government in the area and which he originally wanted to call "The Guildhall Lodge" but this title was not agreed by Grand Lodge possibly because there was already a Lodge with that name in the country. It was then decide to take the name of the local poet Andrew Marvell. One of the primary reasons for the formation of the Lodge was to cater for Masons who from their daily avocations moved about the country with various authorities. This would preclude them in many Lodges from progressing on the ladder system of promotion eventually to Master of the Lodge. The Andrew Marvell Lodge has never worked a ladder system and members are promoted with recognition of their Masonic experience wherever that was attained.

The Lodge continued to meet at the Central Masonic Hall in Park Street until January 2002 when it moved to the Masonic Hall at 69 Beverley Road Hull where it continues to meet to this day.

The Lodge meets nine times a year and breaks for June, July and August. The installation of Master for the year takes place at the January meeting, the rest of the meetings are devoted to domestic business, receiving and developing new Masons. Additionally the Lodge hold social functions, the highlight of the year being the Ladies night held in the autumn when wives, partners and non masonic guests are welcomed.

The Lodge is open for new members and the original association with Local Government no longer applies and we have members from all walks of Society which brings a pleasing diversity of discussion. Anyone interested in finding out more about Freemasonry and possibly joining the Lodge is invite to contact the Secretary.