Rover P4 Items For Sale

1. HMV restored radio
2. Set of handbooks for Rover 95/110


1. HMV Radio, professionally restored and modified

This is the HMV radio which was specially designed for the Rover P4. As built originally it was a valve set with a large power pack situated behind the instrument panel and the control head was located in the centre of the dashboard.

The radios were very good in their time but by modern standards the sound left somehting to be desired, partly this was due to the sets being AM.

The power packs were troublesome with age as the capacitors broke down; these could be replaced but it was a costly exercise and the sound quality was no better than original.

For my Rover 110 which I developed to a concours winning standard I also wanted reliability and home comforts as we used the car a lot both at home and on the continent. When I bought the car the original radio did not work and was not the correct type for the car. I aspired to good looking reliable HMV radio.

I bought two of the right type of heads and had one radio professionally built up and restored cosmetically using these. Internally I had it modified to modern electronic standard which was to be reliable and did not need the power pack. I also had the four medium wave presets converted to FM but left one for long wave so that our favourite travelling Radio 4 did not need retuning on long runs.

This is the radio as installed in the car. When I sold the car I retained the radio but as I am not now likely to run another P4 I have decided to part with it.


Front and rear views on the desk.




Note that the radio is positive earth as original. It is not suitable for cars that have been converted to negatiuve earth without alteration.
A short video of the radio in operation is here. Note in the dialogue the reference to "digital" does not mean DAB, it means solid state.


2. Set of handbooks and brochure for Rover 95/110

To set my car off when it was on display I accumulated a set of books which I put in a frame and stood on the rear seat.

Books are as follows:

Owners instruction manual Part Number 4527
Maintenance schedules Part Number 4445
Workshop tools list Part Number 4375 (rare, I have never seen another one)
Distributors and Dealers list Ninth Edition
Sales brochure for 96 & 110 models

Price £50. Carriage extra.