Owning a Rover P4 Today

The Rover P4 was a well built car and there are there are many survivors on the road around the world. Many of the Guild members operate a P4 as their only everyday car; at the other extreme there are also a number of enthusiasts who maintain cars in concours condition. The majority of the members lie in between and look after solid reliable cars for personal enjoyment and to attend the many enthusiasts gatherings. Some are taken on oversea tours each year and a few are used very successfully on gruelling classic car rallies.

For potential buyers ther are plenty of cars available in all conditions and at very reasonable prices. Care should be taken in the selection of a car for although the car was very robustly built, their survival and condition has been directly related to the care taken over their maintenance. We strongly recommend that potential owners join the Rover P4 Drivers Guild before purchasing their car; yes, we would say that wouldn't we, but consider the following points. Members have access to the technical advice to enable them to decide which of the models is best suited to their proposed use. Many of the cars offered for sale are known to the Guild and independent advice can be given over their likely suitability. The Guild technical advisors can inspect cars and give an independent assessment if they are within reasonable range; they can certainly advise on what points to particularly look out for. The Guild magazine "Overdrive" which is published every two months has many cars for sale from both members and non-members and the best value for money can usually be found from this source. Other advertisements for cars can be found in the specialist classic car magazines which have both readers' private offerings as well as those from dealers. Buyers must be prepared to take time over their selection as many sellers have inflated ideas about the condition and value of their cars and it requires patience to track down the right car for you. Be prepared to kiss a few frogs before meeting your prince!

What is a car worth is an unanswerable question - it depends on how much the seller wants to sell, how much the buyer wants to buy and the state of the market. The classic car press give a reasonable guide to current values and derive this information primarily from the owners' clubs. Current values range from 'free' to 100 for spares cars, condition 3 cars range from 450 to 650 and will almost certainly require work. Condition 2 cars range from 1700 to 2500 and should be roadworthy but requiring some treatment to bring up to a good standard. Class 1 cars range from 3500 to 5000 and concours cars have been known to fetch 8000 recently.

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