Technical Supplement No BKTSZ002 - Servicing Schedules

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Handbook Reference - All Models

Compiled: Barry Kensett & Brian Griffiths

This revision 18 January 2014


Provisional Documents for Discussion

These servicing schedules have been produced by two Rover P4 owners for their own use and are published here for the guidance of other owners in preparing their own schedules. Please forward any comments and additions/amendments to for update.

Whilst all owners should have to hand the servicing handbook for their car, there are two factors which have caused the derivation of these schedules.

Firstly many of our cars now cover a low annual mileage and to carry out serving on a mileage basis as originally prepared by Rover is not appropriate for example the corrosive products of combustion which collect in engine oil should not be left in place for more than one year at the most.

Secondly the cars are now over thirty five years old and items which Rover may have considered unnecessary to service for a normal lifetime now warrant extra attention if the cars are to be kept in good running order, safe and reliable.

The first schedule is a proposed minimum annual service schedule for a Rover 110 model prepared by Barry Kensett and used as the basis of the servicing workshops which he has conducted for other P4 owners. This schedule is prepared from information in all known manuals and handbooks.

The three extended servicing schedules have been compiled by Brian Griffiths from his personal experience with his Rover 95 and are recommended for use by all owners who have just purchased a Rover P4 or on an annual or mileage basis (whichever comes first) for owners requiring a more comprehensive programme.

These schedules can be used as the basis for other models by referring to the appropriate handbook and amending as necessary. The main difference between these examples is that one applies to an overdrive car with engine oil used in the gearbox and the other for a straight gearbox which uses gear oil.

These documents are in Microsoft Word format and are designed to print out as six A4 sheets. Click here to open Word File

Copyright Barry Kensett & Brian Griffiths 2001